Nipple reconstruction

There are many different nipple reconstruction procedures. The differences in names usually represent the different shapes of incisions made on the breast around the area where the new nipple is to be constructed.

Artist's renderings

The reconstructed nipple is often completed as an outpatient procedure, using a local anesthetic.

Also, it is common for the reconstructed nipple to lose some projection over time. Flap reconstructions can be supplemented with a small piece of tissue matrix to help with long-term projection.

Areola Tattooing

After nipple reconstruction and healing (normally 3 months), your patient can complete the procedure by having the areola area tattooed. (This achieves differentiation in skin tone in order to complete the look of the breast.)

Some women opt to have tattooing only, without nipple reconstruction. Tattooing is completed by a plastic surgeon in the office and is a fairly quick (15 to 40 minute) procedure.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Every patient is different and their reconstruction options and their results may vary. All depictions on this site are for illustration purposes only. Whether or not a patient has breast reconstruction is a decision to be made in consultation with a healthcare professional. Only the patient and health care professional can determine the best option for reconstruction.
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